2 in 1 - Capping and foil sealing bifunction machine
Model: GP-501
GP-501 Suitable for non-metal containers, such as glass, or plastic bottles ABS, HDPE, LDPE, PET, PP, PS, PVC etc.
1. Suitable for screw caps, tamper-proof caps, etc.
2. Suitable for cap outside diameter range 20 ~ 50 mm.
3. Special customized cap size acceptable.
1. Capping or capping plus aluminum foil sealing are allowed.
2. Capping speed and torque is adjustable.  Power and heating time of foil sealing is adjustable.
3. The capping motor adopts brushless DC motor.
4. Height of machine is adjustable according to bottle height.
Power output 1100W
Input voltage 220V
Cap diameter 20 ~ 50 mm
Generator type IGBT
Frequency (K/Hz) 125 - 250K/HZ
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