Auto shrink sleeve labeling machine
Model: GP-1500
The GP-1500 shrink sleeve labeler is a fast, efficient and easy-to-operate. The labeling system can handle tamper-evident, overall, middle, and full-body sleeve applications. The GP-1500 allows for production rates up to 100 products per minute, it will easily handle a wide range of container shapes and sizes.
- Robust stainless steel and anodized aluminum.
  Safety guard provides the operator protection during labeling
- HMI touch screen ensure user-friendly operation
- 50 programmable product profile presets
- 18” powered label unwind
- Shrink driving device: Mitsubishi servo motor
- Cutting assembly equipped with Mitsubishi servo motor for high accuracy
- The machine can be operated online
- Easy to operate settings and easy product changeovers
Output Speed 100 BPM dependent upon cut length and product size
Bottle Diameter 25 ~ 155 mm
Label Length 30 ~ 300mm
Machine Dimension L.1800 x W.1000 x H.2100 (mm)
Material PVC / PET / OPS
Power Consumption 2.5 KW
1. Integrated conveyor
2. Electric or Steam heat tunnels
3. Pre-Shrink device
4. Perforation device
5. Consult factory for others
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