Front and back labeling machiney
Model: GP-620
GP-620 This machine is designed for twin side labeling on flat and oval shape bottles and containers. It can be incorporated with a production line or operated individually.
1. Mitsubishi PLC combined with Proface human / machine interface LCD touch screen controller.
2. Japan made 5-phase stepping motor and driver.
3. Stainless steel frame construction is standard.
4. Labeling speed is automatically synchronized with conveyor speed to ensure quality labeling.
5. 50 Job Memory for easy recall.
6. Conveyor driven by variable speed AC motor.
7. Gearbox
8. Simple adjustments with coupled movement design of two labeling heads with easy access.
9. Powered wipe-down rollers.
1. Hot foil printer for date-coding.
2. " Push & press " optional attachment is used to ensure smooth labeling without wrinkles or bubbles.
3. Tapered products can take advantage of the " labeling heads angle adjustment " up to 15 degree for conforming to the product shape.
4. Product separating screw for high speed labeling.
5. Transparent label sensor.
6. Servo motor for high speed labeling.
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