Stand-up pouch filling machine
Model: CHP-2H
CHP-2H The automatic filling machine is a medium size machine designed for packing liquid or paste products into various sizes of pre-made pouches ( from 40ml to 500ml new cheerpack, from 40ml to 250ml doypack ).
The filling machine consists of:
* 1 bag loader
* 1 printing rotary table
* 1 product tank
* 2 filling pumps
* 2 filling valves
* 1 vibrating cap supplier
* 2 screwing heads
* 1 conveyer exit bags
In the standard version the filling machine can execute the following functions :
1. Automatic loading of pouches onto step by step rotary table.
2. Printing of the filling or the best before date on the pouch.
3. Filling of the pouch through a volumetric dosing pump according to the following cycle:
    a). Emptying the pouch of air by the means of vacuum.
    b). Filling the product according to the bag capacity.
    c). Blowing in the pouch filtered air or gas (nitrogen).
4. Corking of the pouch with PE or PP caps.
5. Discharging of the pouch on a conveyor belt.

The CHP-2H has a nominal speed: FRUIT JUICE: 65 PIECES/min 330ml shape, COMPOTE: 80 PIECES/min 70ml shape, YOGURT: 88 PIECES/min 70ml shape.

The speed of the filling machine change according to the viscosity and density of the product to fill and according to the pack size. All the main components of the filling machine are in stainless steel AISI 304, according to the food industry requirements. Automatic CIP system is installed.

Technical information:
-  Packaging : from 70 ml to 500 ml

-  Speed: Max 4800 pcs/hour
-  Filling tolerance : 1% of the pouch volume
-  Power consumption : 2000 W
-  Electrical supply : 380 V three phase/50 Hz. with separate neutral and ground conductors
-  Pneumatic supply : compressed air from 6 to 7 bar (atm.)
-  Reservoir capacity : 18 litre
-  Filling temperature: from -10°C to 90°C max
-  Product feed : by means of a reservoir with automatic control level and dosing pump
-  Pouch loading :  by means automatic supply
-  Cap supply : PE/PP cap with tamper evident
-  Pouch output : in rows on conveyor belt
-  Overall dimensions : Width 3200 mm x Length 3100 mm x Height 2400 mm
-  Dosing regulation : manual
-  Cycle and function controls : by means of a PLC system, optical sensor and proximity switches
-  Error diagnostics : by means of a diagnostic unit with a touch-screen display
Special configurations:
1. Ultra clean
2. Remote maintenance via Modem
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