One head capper automatic
Model: GP-151A
GP-151A This machine is designed to handle plastic screw cap, snap hinge cap and flex band cap for flat, oval and square shape containers.
1. Machine main construction by stainless steel sus#304.
2. Japan PLC control system combined with Proface touch screen.
3. Fast change over device and easy machine clearing.
4. One capping head ( for one size only ) with variable speed AC motor.
5. Auto cap feeder with caps vibrating bowl and cap chute for one size only. 
6. Cap chute with photo sensor, machine will stop automoatically while no cap.
7. Wrap around belts assembly for holding the containers.
8. One air compressor ( 1 HP) is required ( to be preapred by buyer).
1. Vibratory bowl and cap chute for the 2nd different size of cap.
2. Cap hopper with elevotor conveyor for supplying caps into cap sorter.
3. Capping head for the 2nd different size of cap.
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