Six nozzle liquid filling machine automatic
Model: GP-860F
GP-860F The machine is designed for mineral water, non-granule juice etc.
1. Machine contruction covered by stainless steel #304.
2. Fast change-over design for different size of bottle.
3. Stainless steel centrifugal pump : 1 set
4. Mitsubishi PLC control system (Japan made)
5. Digital LCD touch screen display and setting.
6. No bottle no filling safety device.
7. Filling volume range : 250 ~ 3000 ml.
8. Dipping type filling nozzle, no spilling of liquid onto clean bottles and conveyor.
9. Filling nozzle holding device and uplift assembley with a huge solenoid valve.
10. One air compressor with dryer is required to be prepared by user.
11. Photocell sensors.
1. Liquid feeding pump with a stand.
2. Product feeding turn table ( diameter 650 / 800 / 1000 mm).
3. Safety cover with interlock system.
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